Grandma’s hands

Go find Grandma and Grandpa and trace their hands. If they’ll let you, trace their feet, too.

My grandma had my dad’s first shoes bronzed, and I spent many hours marveling at how small my dad’s feet used to be. My parents regularly marked off our heights somewhere by a kitchen wall.

If you can get your little one to sit still for about 30 seconds every once in a while, try this idea.

Get a stiff piece of paper, approximately 20 cm x 20 cm. Put your child’s hand in the middle of the paper and trace around it. Write the date in one of the fingers.

A few months later, take the same piece of paper, and again trace your child’s hands. Repeat as often as you’d like. Be sure to write the date each time!


a) Staple a few sheets of paper together to make a simple booklet. You can decorate it, if you want to. Use a new page whenever you trace your child’s hands.

b) Trace feet, too.

How many family members’ hands can you collect?

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