Hide and seek and tickle and tag

First off, what do you call this game? I still think I grew up calling it hide and go seek, but I’m not so sure anymore. Devon most helpfully explains the Japanese version of the game – yay, now I know what my kids have been saying to me all this time. Go take a look, because my favorite part is his explanation of the game from a 2-year-old’s perspective. So true!

My niece changed the game today to hide and go tickle (there’s that little “go”). As I understood the rules, when I found her, I was supposed to tickle her. Great, so when it was my turn to hide, I braced myself for the onslaught of her tickles. Ah, no, turns out that no matter who was seeking/being found, I was supposed to tickle her.

Good, really, because I’m embarrassed at how ridiculously ticklish I am.

When my niece and nephew are older and can stay up later, we’ll have to pull out the flashlights for a game of flashlight hide and seek (hey, no “go”): whoever is It tags people out by flashing a light on them. Say, that would be fun for a neighborhood game of nighttime tag: you’re out/frozen if you get…ahem…flashed. Whee.

Speaking of playing tag, another version great for the little ones is to make It put a (big) sticker on someone. The person who has been stickered (stuck? stuckered?) is the new It. Variations abound.

Aiyee, I’m jetlagged. What was the original topic again?

2 Responses

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