Thunderstorm goes big boom

How do you calm your little ones during a thunderstorm? Counting helps. Singing helps.

As a kid, I regularly scooted into my parents’ bed and together we counted “21, 22, 23, 24…”, which, when you count in Dutch, has the same number of syllables as “1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000, 4-1000….”, all of which had something to do with how far away the storm was. Last night during a really bad storm, I was right back into counting, using my own rough distance categories of Moving Closer, Entirely Too Close, Moving Away, and Much Much Better.

I don’t seem to dislike loud noises anymore (I also covered my ears at the powwows and 4th of July fireworks shows). I want to brag and say it’s because I’m a big girl now, but perhaps closer to the truth is that I just don’t hear as well. Loud music at clubs and concerts and a penchant for turning up the volume in my headphones … and singing along significantly off-key… have reduced many thunderstorms to things that go bumpety-bump in the night.

Yeah, count and sing that storm away.

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  1. […] a toddler, I didn’t like powwows or summer fireworks. Thunderstorms made me miserable.  As a teenager, though, my favorite bands sounded much much better at high volumes, and my […]


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