Dance and sing in the rain

The weather forecast calls for several days of rain during the next week. Yippee, I thought, because I have a bazillion things to do, and I might get them done if it’s too wet to go outside.

Which is precisely the wrong thinking, according to my new favorite Idea Person Nancy Blakey. Go outside! Take a walk with your little one when it’s raining. Talk about how the world around you looks while it’s raining. Dance in the rain. Sing in the rain. Youtube the clip I know you’re humming right now.

Or, for a stunning twist, skip about 30 seconds in and try to re-enact this one (super kid-friendly):

Experience different types of rain, such as drizzles, mists, and the great gushing downpours. Be careful during thunderstorms, of course.* But do by all means go outside if you can, and heartily encourage others in your neighborhood to join you.

While she doesn’t quite spell it out, I’m guessing – hoping, really – that Nancy Blakey urges leaving the umbrella and other rain attire at home sometimes. Wear your best these-can-get-soaked clothes, because you know what you have to do: show your little one how to properly splash in a large puddle. Practice a few times first if you must, it’s okay.

*UPDATE: Several gentle readers pointed out that I’d muddled the counting and thunderstorm stuff in my post the other day. Yes, yes, indeed I did. It should have gone something like this:

1) See lightning, start counting.

2) Stop when you hear the thunder.

3) Each second counted is approximately one mile, and that is how far away the lightning is.

If your child has trouble grasping concepts such seconds and miles, change the distances to categories that are more manageable. A great time to do this is with your child when there is no storm in sight.

I’m convinced. I’ll meet you outside next time it rains.


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