Giggling grumpy pumpkins (still updating)

Super Simple Songs 3The word of the week is grumpy.

I’ve been teaching my kids 5 Little Pumpkins (go click on that big light blue button to listen!), which involves counting, gerunds and emotions. Some of the words are very new for the kids, such as pouting and yawning. The music, however, very helpfully guides the kids along, which explains why, with just a bit more help using clear gestures and facial expressions, the kids have so far without fail figured everything out.

The kids have also so far without fail giggled immensely at learning the word grumpy. While there’s a huge chance that I’m missing something that all the kids are getting (maybe grumpy sounds like another word they know?), I’m thinking for now that grumpy apparently is more fun to say than angry, plus, we never at all folded our arms quite like that and went humph! quite like that when we were learning angry.

Mind you, I don’t think my kids have learned yet what 3 Little Pumpkins and 4 Little Pumpkins are doing: so far without fail they’ve also laughed right through those 2 verses.

Word nerd that I am, I can’t find the origins of the word grumpy. Inevitably, though, someone has called out a “Quick, name Snow White’s 7 dwarfs!” challenge, which, for the first time ever, has me wondering what the names of the dwarfs are in Japanese. Or in any other language. Can anyone help me?

Oh ah whee here’s a giggle of my own. When I looked up humph in the dictionary, I saw this for the pronunciation explanation:

a snort articulated as a syllabic m or n with a voiceless onset and ending in a nasal h or a glottal stop; often read as ‘h&m(p)f []

Snort? There’s a word I want to learn in Japanese.

UPDATE: Lest you mistakenly think as I did that the song lyrics are the only excitement on the page, I just saw that you really ought to scroll down down all the way down for gallons more fun. There are worksheets galore for you to print (magic word: FREE), activity ideas, and something else I’m forgetting. If it’s 10 minutes before class and your teaching buddies still have no idea what to do for that lesson, this is where they need to be. Here and next to the printer. Oh, and there’s another big light blue button to click on at the bottom of the page so you can listen to the song all over again. Much fun this is.

12 Responses

  1. I found what the name of the dwarfs are in Japanese!!
    Doc せんせい
    Grumpy おこりんぼ
    Happy ごきげん
    Sleepy ねぼすけ
    Bashful てれすけ
    Sneezy くしゃみ
    Dopey おとぼけ

  2. Yay, Ayako!! Big thanks!

    Hey, I found the Dutch names:
    Doc – Doc
    Grumpy – Grumpie
    Happy – Giegel (sort of like Giggle)
    Sleepy – Dommel
    Bashful – Bloosje (sort of like Blushing/Blusher)
    Sneezy – Niezel
    Dopey – Stoetel

    Am on a minor mission, here, because this would make a funny collection. Any other languages?

  3. Very interesting.
    You need to get the Mama Lisa team on board to get the names in other languages.

    Thats a whole website-the names of the 7 dwarfs around the world.

  4. Minnesotan Chris filled me in on all the Scandinavian versions:

    Kloker (Doc) Butter (Grumpy) Glader (Happy) Trötter (Sleepy) Blyger (Bashful)
    Prosit (Sneezy) Toker (Dopey)
    How great is that name for Grumpy?

    Brille (Doc), Sinnataggen (Grumpy), Lystig (Happy), Søvnig (Sleepy), Blygen (Bashful), Prosit (Sneezy) and Minsten (Dopey)

    Jörö (Grumpy), Lystikäs (Happy), Nuhanenä (Sneezy), Ujo (Bashful), Unelias (Sleepy), Viisas (Doc) and Vilkas (Dopey)

    The Danes chime in with:
    Brille (Doc), Dumpe (Dopey), Flovmand (Bashful), Gnavpot (Grumpy), Lystig (Happy), Prosit (Sneezy) and Søvnig (Sleepy)

    Oh this is fun. Thanks, Chris!

  5. Argentinian Analia chimes in with:



    I only know Sesame Street Spanish, and my orchestra days aren’t helping me with the Italian. Can someone briefly translate?

    Thanks, Analia!

  6. Atlanta, Georgian Kim also sent in the Spanish names. Still hoping someone can help match those names with their English counterparts.

    German? Russian? Rumor has it, the Brothers Grimm never even named the Dwarfs. The names all came from Disney, who, while we’re at it, has yet to clarify why it’s “Dwarfs” and not “Dwarves”.

    Thanks, Kim!

  7. ok the spanish matches are as follows:
    dormilon – sleepy
    timido – bashful
    feliz – happy
    grunon – grumpy
    sabio – doc
    mudito or perezoso – dopey (i think)
    estornudon – sneezy

    i’m not familiar with the translation of mocoso (maybe sneezy) :-(

    also, i’m working on getting you Russian from 1 of my co-workers :-)

  8. Hi!
    These are the German -Disney! – names. In the originally german fairytale the dwarfs have no names (I looked it up to be sure).
    Happy (Happy), Schlafmütz (Sleepy), Pimpel, Hatschi (Sneezy), Brummbär (Grumpy), Seppl, Chef (Doc).

  9. My cousin-in-law, Bogota, Colombia Paola, helped out with the following:

    Los enanitos de Blanca Nieves
    Doc – sabio
    Dopey – Tontin
    Sleepy – Dormilon
    Grumpy – Gruñon
    Sneezy – Estornudo
    Happy – Feliz
    Bashful – Timido

    Big thanks, Paola! Hug Hansje for me!

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