Shoe box shapes

Sneak a box away from your 100 boxes for dominoes collection and make this self-entertainment station for your little one.

Have your little one decorate as many sides of the shoe box as desired. Go for the insides, too!

Snuffle through your scraps of fabric for all the felt you can find, and have your little one pick out one piece large enough to cover the shoebox lid. Glue this piece of fabric to the top outside of the box. (No felt? Ask ever so politely at your local fabric store if they have a small handful or see what your neighbors might be willing to share.)

Depending on your little one’s level, cut out simple shapes from the rest of the felt. You can cut basic circles, squares, triangles, diamonds, hearts, and dodecahedrons. You can cut seasonal shapes, such as holiday trees, pumpkin faces, eggs, and stars. You can cut people, animals, clothing, and food.

Tip: for the first time, keep it simple, and stay with one theme. Change the themes every once in a while to maintain your little one’s interest.

Together with your little one, use the cut out shapes to create scenes and to tell stories on the shoe box lid. The felt will stick to the felt. If it doesn’t, small pieces of velcro stuck to the backs of the cut out shapes will help. Soon, your little one should be able to create things alone, but do encourage your little one to share those stories with you!

When you’re finished, clean up is easy: just put everything in the shoe box and put the lid on.

Great for at home, at school, in the car, at the doctor’s office, at the restaurant and other places.


Say hey I just realized I don’t know: is shoebox correctly written as one word? Or as two?


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