Making Class Teams

How do you usually divide your kids into teams?

Try some of these ideas. They’ll work really well with a large class.

If you don’t have kids to divide into groups, no worries: these are terrific conversation starters for adults!

With huge thanks again to Karl Rohnke.

a) Clasp your hands together. Which thumb is on top? Right thumbers go find other right thumbers, while left thumbers go find other left thumbers.

b) Line up according to your birthdays, from January to December. Team A is the first half of the line, and Team B is the second half of the line.

c) Fold your arms across your chest. Which arm is on top? Is it the same as the thumb that’s on top in a) above? Go find others who fold their arms the same way.

d) When you put on a pair of pants, which leg goes in first? Right leg: Group A. Left Leg: Group B. Sit down and both legs go in together: Group C.

e) Can you twist your tongue? You’re in Group A. Non-tongue twisters are in Group B.

f) Toilet paper rolls: do you prefer the paper to come over the top? Or down from the back?

g) Just before you use toilet paper, do you bunch it? Or do you fold it?

h) Mac? Or PC?

i) Favorite breakfast cereal?

j) If you sing or hum in the shower or bathtub, you’re in Group A. All others are in Group B.

k) If you crawl into your bed from the right side, you’re in Group A. If you crawl into your bed from the left side, you’re in Group B. If you crawl into your bed from the end, you’re in Group C.

l) How do you put on a sweater or t-shirt? Head first: Group A. Left arm first: Group B. Right arm first: Group C. All three at the same time: Group D.

Any others? Please share!

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