Honorable Lunchbox Calories

I can’t decide which bento box I should buy. How do people choose?!

Ohhhhhh. The size of a bento box has to do with calories and other nutritional guidelines?

This was explained by Biggie, one of many who have blogs devoted to bento boxes. Her blog is just fantastic, and it’s filled tips and explanations (non-vegetarian items are mentioned, just so you know). Go take a look.

I’d always suspected but never knew for sure that there might be a formula for putting lunches together here in Japan. Essentially, your gender, age, and height determine how many calories you need to eat, and all that helps you determine which size bento box you should buy. That’s probably not explaining it well enough, so read Biggie’s explanation here, and she helpfully links to the Japanese explanation here.

This is fascinating. Back to the shops I go, because now I know what I’m looking for!


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