Tortilla Chips

You can make these tortilla chips in about 15-20 minutes from start to finish.

Gentle suggestion: prepare them after all the other food for your meal is ready. I can almost guarantee you’ll start eating them as soon as they’re out of the oven, and just like the chips you get at Mexican restaurants, it’s really hard to stop eating them.


You need:

6-12 corn tortillas

vegetable oil (I liked mine with olive oil)

salt or other spices


1) Preheat your oven to 375 °F/190 °C.

2) Spray oil to lightly coat a baking sheet.

3) Use scissors to cut the tortillas into 6 pieces.

If fractions are too complicated or if 6 pieces look too normal, cut the tortillas into shapes you like. Spread the pieces on the baking sheet. It’s okay if the pieces touch here and there, but you don’t want them stacked on top of each other.

4) Spray the pieces with a bit more oil.

A clean unused toothbrush or a clean unused paintbrush work well if you can’t find your spray can. Lightly sprinkle salt over the pieces.

5) Bake the pieces for 10-12 minutes. Try to allow them to cool a bit before eating them (this is probably the hardest part).


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