Baby Loves Disco – In Japan!

This is an update on an earlier post on Baby Loves Disco.

Baby Loves Disco is now in Japan!

The first event – the Japan Launch Party – is scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday 27 April (I know, that might conflict with nakizumo), and the second event is already planned for Sunday, 25 May. Look here for details and mark your calendar! Tell your friends!

If you can’t make it to Japan either of those weekends, look here for events based in the United States, Poland, the UK and Sweden.

(Ooooooh, Baby Loves Jazz? You must must must go snuffle around that site!) (Check out the link to Baby Loves HipHop, and there are plans for Baby Loves Salsa, Baby Loves Blues, and Baby Loves Reggae. Much much more at Baby Loves Music.)

Again, as I said in my first post about BLD, you can always set up your own disco with your own choice of music right in your own home. I’m all in favor of spontaneous random acts of dancing, and I hope you are, too.

Off you go!


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