I’m extremely lousy at multi-tasking, and I remain thankful that there was no such thing as marching orchestra when I was growing up.

When I was growing up, if your school had a football team, your school had a marching band. Some band members always performed with the orchestra after football season was over, but none of us orchestra people ever played with the band.

Okay, so sometimes it seemed like band members had more fun (no! they didn’t!), but I definitely preferred the benefits of being in the orchestra. In the orchestra…

…we either stood up to play or we sat down to play.

…we remained quite content with the complexity of getting our bows to go in the same direction.

…we never had to practice steps in formation out on the football field. (Running with a double bass? Oh horrors.)

…we never needed to memorize music, unless it was for a solo.

…we never had to march in parades.

And we never grasped that bit about the conductor being so far away.

Happy coincidences:

1) A few days ago, Mike told me about Blast!. Blast? It’s marching band taken to a new level. It has all the precision of marching bands as you’d expect, and there’s the flag corps. But there’s so much more. And these guys have fun!

2) Last night I stayed up well past my bedtime to watch the whole DVD. The nearly 90-minute show fascinated audience members of all ages. If you don’t play an instrument yet, you’ll want to start learning after watching the first 36 seconds.

3) This morning on the train, I saw an ad for the Japan Tour 2008! Tickets are on sale now. Hey, Mike: can we go?


Boy oh boy do I miss the camaraderie.

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