Yoon Ye Eun

I’ve been watching it for a week now, and I’m still having trouble coming up with the right words to describe little Ye Eun’s piano performance, so I’m going to ask you to watch it and describe it for me.

I will say that this is not an annoying glitzy performance, and oh that song she sings at the end is a major tearjerker. Just so you know.

Sit still for 7 minutes. Please?

Update (July 27, 2008): The video has been removed from youtube. Let me know if you see that it’s been reposted somewhere. *sigh*

There’s a follow-up video here.

Vegetarian Rapper’s Delight

Saki is not the first vegetarian rapper out there, but I’m pretty sure she’s the most smilingest vegetarian rapper.

Oooh she’s good. Family Tree.

And she clearly got her skills from her dad. If you spent at least a few minutes trotting around the world in the 1990s, you’ll recognize his happy old school style. Share with others so that they, too, can join in the fun. Gotta Be Me. Oh yeah.

With thanks to Baby Loves Disco for the tip!

Hearing Voices

My new favorite big people’s podcast is called Hearing Voices, because it’s an hour of people’s stories.

Identical to This American Life, Hearing Voices builds a bunch of stories around a theme. In fact, HV sometimes takes its stories from TAL. Stories also come from NPR’s This I Believe series, StoryCorps (fascinating project), and a bunch of other places.

I was getting too many repeats of TAL, however, so I went looking for something new.

Do you know what a driveway moment is? Many radio reports are so amazing, drivers will arrive home and sit in their cars – often in the driveway – until the report is finished.

Hearing Voices is all about driveway moments. These are not stories you play in the background while you’re busy doing something else (although I highly recommend listening to them while taking a nice long walk). You’ll want to hear every word of these reports.

My suggestion: start with All Mom Radio, because it’s terrific for everyone who has, is, or knows a Mom. (Oh those phone messages! Whooee.) Spread out from there.

Listen online or gallop over to your favorite podcast thingy.

Go. Now.

Fear Factor Ego Boosting

Is it ever okay to lie to a child in order to boost her ego?

I enormously praised a 6-year-old for speaking with a big voice in class, even though she hadn’t. Or at least not very much. But her mom, who hadn’t seen the lesson, also praised her enormously, and her own smile was the biggest I’d seen on her in ages. She’s sure she can do it again.

Was that wrong of me?

She has stage fright. I didn’t realize this until just now.

She’s fine when she’s playing with her friends, and I can tell she knows the material in class. But as soon as the spotlight is on her, she clams up. She won’t talk. I agreed with her mom that she’s a shy but careful people watcher who prefers to leave the talking to her more outgoing friends.

I had the students stand on chairs for a game of charades, because for some reason the students talk louder that way.

All eyes were on her, and she’d stopped talking again. Shyness?

That’s when I first noticed her shaking hands.

Oh the dear child she’s incredibly nervous!

How did I not recognize this earlier?

She has stage fright.

So do I.

She spoke with a big voice twice, and oh boy that was a big step for her.

I hate lying but her ego needed boosting.

Hm. Comments?

Galloping Tortoises

I told a friend that I really want to start running again.

Well, running…? A Galápagos tortoise could outrun me.

My friend knows I love turtles, so he sent me this.

Oh giggle.

What’s In A Naan?

Did you know there’s usually yogurt in naan?

Did you know yogurt can also be spelled yoghurt and yoghourt?

Did you know I’ve happily eaten entirely too much naan during the last 3 days?

Naan is the light flatbread often eaten with Indian curries and other toppings. You could call it thick pizza crust, but I think it’s much more fun to eat. You’ll also find naan in Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and multiple places in between.

I’ll leave you to snuffle around online and in your favorite cookbooks to find a naan recipe you like. Just like the people who eat it, naan comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and flavors. Garlic naan rules.

If you’re more visually oriented, here is one of many many helpful vids.

If you still want a written recipe, let me know.

Helpful tip: I almost never have yogurt in the house when I want it, but it’s easy to add lemon juice or vinegar to milk (soy or cow) for a similar effect.

P.S. Yes, I’m finally reading The Kite Runner. Boy oh boy does this story hurt to read. Not kid-friendly.

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