Hearing Voices

My new favorite big people’s podcast is called Hearing Voices, because it’s an hour of people’s stories.

Identical to This American Life, Hearing Voices builds a bunch of stories around a theme. In fact, HV sometimes takes its stories from TAL. Stories also come from NPR’s This I Believe series, StoryCorps (fascinating project), and a bunch of other places.

I was getting too many repeats of TAL, however, so I went looking for something new.

Do you know what a driveway moment is? Many radio reports are so amazing, drivers will arrive home and sit in their cars – often in the driveway – until the report is finished.

Hearing Voices is all about driveway moments. These are not stories you play in the background while you’re busy doing something else (although I highly recommend listening to them while taking a nice long walk). You’ll want to hear every word of these reports.

My suggestion: start with All Mom Radio, because it’s terrific for everyone who has, is, or knows a Mom. (Oh those phone messages! Whooee.) Spread out from there.

Listen online or gallop over to your favorite podcast thingy.

Go. Now.

2 Responses

  1. e-dub, thanks for the nice revu of our podcast. your words o’ praise are much appreciated.
    from the radio rodeo of:

  2. […] can no longer listen to Hearing Voices podcasts on the train: I’ve missed my stops too many […]


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