iFrogz Tadpoles, Kids And iPods

These oh-so-cool-looking iFrogz Tadpole iPod cover cases are perfect for kids and for me.

The iFrogz company makes rugged nifty brightly colored cases with 2 nifty big brightly colored handles, because, well, you’re always telling your kids to hold everything with 2 hands.

Me? I’m just really really really good at misplacing my iPod.

If you have one of the newer iPod models, give the company some time to catch up: I suspect they’ll be making kid cases for these models as soon as possible.

Hey, Zuners, there’s something for you, too!

I’d think these would be terrific in the classroom, at the gym, at the park, on a flight, on a train ride, at a conference, and oh just about everywhere else you can think of. Check out the headphones for 3-8 year-olds, too. Then take a minute or two to snuffle around the big people’s stuff for a whole bunch of designs and items you didn’t realize you wanted.


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  1. […] just know that the Grownups always say to hold on to everything with 2 hands and don’t run, which is why I’m triple grinning over the iGuy’s hands (arms?) and […]


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