Happy Vegetarian Feet

They’re most enormously cute.

They’re vegetarian-kid friendly (100% animal-product free).

They don’t come in big people’s sizes.

I know, it’s entirely too warm now to even think about putting things on your feet, but if you are or someone you know is expecting tiny feet when the colder months return, toddle immediately over to Isabooties to see what they have (the eco-friendly info is here).

Then see if you can help me figure out how to get these in big people’s sizes, because little ones shouldn’t be the only ones who get to walk around with cute feet.

Four Cubs of Cuteness

Take a moment to scratch your head and think: have you ever seen a baby Giant Panda?

I don’t mean when it’s a mind-bogglingly cute fluffy toddler and is a mini-mom or mini-dad.

Before all that, when it’s a newborn and hasn’t opened its eyes yet.

This is a newborn panda! Who knew?

I’d briefly mentioned the panda cubs in Chengdu just before the massive earthquake on May 12. Guess what? Despite the enormous damage, 4 panda cubs were just born there!

Hey teachers, here’s a fun question: what sound do pandas make? Watch this to find out!

Happy Bloggy Birthday!

We’re a year old.

Can you believe it?

I’ve been thinking all week about this occasion, trying to come up with something profound, something you’ll think about for months, something like an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony.

(Oooh fantastic little idea: the Webby Awards insist on five-word acceptance speeches. What would you say?)

But I can’t think of anything, so I’ll just do what other happy toddlers do when words fail: gurgle and grin and give you a great big hug of thanks.

Off we go!

Six Things, One Year

Thought you might want to know some things about this little one and our first year.

  • The 10 most popular posts (from most to least):
  1. ABCs for Young Learners
  2. About Me
  3. From Hate to Love
  4. 日本語/Japanese
  5. About the Crafts
  6. About the Recipes
  7. Liberian Rice Bread
  8. Green chile cream cheese dip
  9. Tangrams!
  10. Giggling grumpy pumpkins
  • I usually write posts in the evening before I go to bed.
  • I prefer to write posts in the morning when I first wake up, and I think I write better then, too.
  • The blog name comes from the second Super Simple Songs CD. Troy often abbreviated the song title in communication, and I liked it better than I.B. Spider or I.W. Spider.
  • One of the rejected blog names was The Galloping Galapagos. This was rejected because no one could remember how to spell Galapagos.
  • No, I still don’t have a favorite post. Do you?

Smile Smile Smile

I thought I’d already happily inhaled everything related to Dan Zanes, but his song “Smile Smile Smile” in a certain context made me see it with new eyes.

The Bryant Park Project was a terrific new radio show which was less than a year old and unexpectedly cancelled about 30 years too early.

Radio kid that I am, I am annoyed that I discovered this show only a few months ago. The last show was July 25th, and to show their acceptance of the matter (look up Kübler-Ross’ 5 stages of grief), they played Dan Zanes’ “Smile Smile Smile”.


There are so many things that can/need to be done with this song. For example:

  1. Learn it. (Lyrics and guitar chords are here, so that’s “thriftshop coats”, not “beer coats”.)
  2. Share it.
  3. Watch it below.
  4. Watch a much clearer version here. Snuffle around the rest of his site for gallons more information.
  5. Borrow Dan Zanes’ idea and make a video of all your smiling family and friends.
  6. Start a daily journal in which you record 3 things that made you smile. Yes, write every day.
  7. (Now you think of something!)


Speaking of smiles and acceptance, my favorite smiley watch finally stopped working today. The end of an era. Sigh. I’m okay. I can accept this. Thanks for your concern.

Wait. What are we supposed to be climbing?? Are you kidding me?


A waterspout is “a tornado or lesser whirlwind occurring over water and resulting in a whirling column of spray and mist”.

I’m not sure I ever knew that.

These things, my goodness, and oh my no no no, sensible spiders don’t climb something dangerous-looking like that.

And rainpipe? It’s not a word in my dictionaries.

Who wrote this song, and what was that person thinking??

Oh and hey, yes, it’s been one year…yay!…but shhh, because this little one doesn’t grasp calendars, we’re celebrating later when it’s more convenient for us.

Terrific trick I learned from my big sister.

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