Stone Soup

I just tripped over the website for Stone Soup.

I used to read the magazine Stone Soup at my grandma’s house – or was it at the Goshen library? – but I had completely forgotten about it.

Stone Soup is the only magazine completely devoted to children’s creative work. Specifically,

[y]oung people ages 8 to 13 contribute their stories, poems, book reviews, and artwork to Stone Soup. Since 1973, Stone Soup has provided inspiration to young writers and artists all over the world.

If you are or know a terrifically creative young writer, check out the magazine and its guidelines for submissions. The guidelines caution you that not all submissions can be published, but they’re nonetheless wonderfully encouraging, and creativity always needs to be encouraged.

You can even listen to some authors read their own works!

Speaking of terrifically creative writers, you must read everything Devon comes up with. The man has the remarkable ability to turn jumbled words into coherent narratives. Give him 7 random words, a blueberry muffin and 10 minutes, and he’ll come back with a nifty story using all 7 words. He’ll probably even start creating a melody if the words are catchy enough. He’ll take that melody to Troy, who will take a big sip of coffee, put on his headphones, and have a fully orchestrated song in less than an hour. Mike will crack one of his huge smiles when he hears the song, he’ll start tapping out a jazz version of it, and who knows, maybe he’ll get some bandmates to play an evening of Super Simple Songs down at the Blue Note.

Me? I remain unapologetically thrilled that I get to work with these guys.

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