Vids For Kids

Swiftly being passed from parent to parent and from teacher to teacher is Totlol.

Created by a Vancouver-based dad, Totlol is a growing collection of kid-friendly videos selected by parents.  You’ll no doubt easily recognize many of these videos.

Yes, all the videos still have lives on youtube. However, if you’ve shuddered even once at some of the comments left by youtube viewers, you know you don’t want your little ones wandering around there unsupervised.

I certainly don’t mean to suggest you park your little ones in front of the computer while you find something else to do. But if you do need to turn away for 10 seconds, an accidental mouse click on the same site will at least just open another kid-friendly video.

Go ahead, snuffle around first without the kids to find age-appropriate videos. Just don’t snuffle when you have serious work to do or are on your way out the door.

You won’t get anything else done for at least 20 minutes (oh the singing hippo…).

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