The Essential Vegetarian

I love reading online recipe-based blogs, especially because I have no more bookshelf space here at home for another cookbook.

Recently, though, I’ve been re-reading my non-digital cookbooks, and I made an interesting discovery about one of my favorites: Diana Shaw’s The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook is essentially a printed blog.

She writes as though she were talking casually to you in your kitchen, so there is a comment or three for nearly every recipe. She provides tips. She gives food history. She has opinions.

She’s not a fan of tofu.

Critics have asked, “How can she not like tofu and call this ‘Your Guide to the Best Foods on Earth’?”

Well, it’s her cookbook.

If it were online, it would be her blog.

And I like it.

If you can find a copy of it, I think you’ll like it, too.

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