Giggling Graffiti

Trish Kuffner describes this idea as a perfect outdoor activity for your little toddler.

I agree.

If you’re smart, you’ll pretend you’re a big toddler, which means you have to join the fun.

1) Find an inexpensive spray bottle.

2) Help your little one decide on a nifty color of liquid tempera paint. Two colors will do if the decider can’t decide, but then go back to Step 1 and find a second spray bottle.

3) Fill the bottle: half water and half paint.

4) Hang an old sheet outside far away from your prized petunias.

5) Release your inner graffiti artists and spray paint the sheet.

Small tip: explain why, at least for now, you would hugely prefer it if your little one sticks to spray painting old sheets hanging outside. (Be sure to emphasize those four words: old sheets hanging outside. Decorating sheets currently on beds or in closets is not an option, right?)

‘Nuther small tip: An obvious title for this post would have been something like One Sheet in the Wind. But then you would have to explain that, and oh no no no, we don’t want to explain that.

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