Letters In The Palm Of My Hand

Whenever they try to imagine the spelling of a word or the writing of kanji, nearly all my Japanese friends use one index finger to write in the palm of the other hand.

The other day, I told one of my students to close her eyes and hold out a hand with the palm facing up.

I wrote a letter in the palm of her hand and she had to guess the letter.

She soon recognized most letters, and I mental noted this simple activity as a good idea for other classes.

But then we switched roles: I closed my eyes and tried to guess the letters she wrote in my hand.

Nope nope nope not a good idea.

I think she was writing the letter g, but because my hands are so ridiculously ticklish, I collapsed into a pile of giggles before she could finish.

Eventually the students will write words, not just individual letters.

I’m going to ask to be excused from that.

Oh boy.

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