Smile Smile Smile

I thought I’d already happily inhaled everything related to Dan Zanes, but his song “Smile Smile Smile” in a certain context made me see it with new eyes.

The Bryant Park Project was a terrific new radio show which was less than a year old and unexpectedly cancelled about 30 years too early.

Radio kid that I am, I am annoyed that I discovered this show only a few months ago. The last show was July 25th, and to show their acceptance of the matter (look up Kübler-Ross’ 5 stages of grief), they played Dan Zanes’ “Smile Smile Smile”.


There are so many things that can/need to be done with this song. For example:

  1. Learn it. (Lyrics and guitar chords are here, so that’s “thriftshop coats”, not “beer coats”.)
  2. Share it.
  3. Watch it below.
  4. Watch a much clearer version here. Snuffle around the rest of his site for gallons more information.
  5. Borrow Dan Zanes’ idea and make a video of all your smiling family and friends.
  6. Start a daily journal in which you record 3 things that made you smile. Yes, write every day.
  7. (Now you think of something!)


Speaking of smiles and acceptance, my favorite smiley watch finally stopped working today. The end of an era. Sigh. I’m okay. I can accept this. Thanks for your concern.

4 Responses

  1. that watch… a 1995 Timex Joe Boxer water resistant black leather-imprint banded smiley watch, with rotating face-to-second motion. I am staring at mine right now, wondering how to restore it. Scratched face, dead battery, but I’m not letting this one go! In correspondence with Timex to aee what they can do. Hope you haven’t completely given up on yours yet. -Tyler.

    • *That* watch! Yep, that’s the one I have, Tyler! I took mine to a watch/clock repair shop in the States, and the incredibly kind man said he could fix it, yes, but at a price more than the watch was worth. I think he quoted about $40 for repairs. He suggested I go home, think about it, and if I still wanted the repairs done, come back. I was on a tight schedule and so didn’t return, but I *miss* wearing that watch. And of course I still have it. Not giving up on it. Let me know what Timex says, Tyler, and I may have to scoot in line right behind you!

  2. […] if you can, do find something gentle and silly to amuse those around you. Small smiles are better than no smiles, and we could use a whole pile of smiles right about now. […]

  3. […] supposed to be a *happy* song, […]


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