The BMT Sandwich

No no no, not this other popular but extremely non-veggie sandwich.

The basil, mozzarella and tomato sandwich.

Easy, yummy, and satisfied smile-inducing.

There’s nothing new about this recipe, which, despite its popularity, doesn’t seem to have a cool catchy name.

A 7-year-old might take about 7 minutes to make it, less time if the ingredients are ready to go. Older kids should slice the bread and the cheese (if it’s not the stringy pull apart version of mozzarella).

1) Slather one slice of sturdy bread (ciabatta is fantastic) with pesto.

2) Thinly slice or tear the mozzarella cheese and place it evenly on the pesto.

3) Add a slice or two of fresh tomato, and put 4 or 5 leaves of fresh basil on top of that.

4) Close the sandwich by placing a second slice of bread on top. A sharp knife will help you cut the sandwich in half.

5) The sandwich tastes great as is. You can also lightly warm the sandwich to find out if you might like it better that way.

An elephant walks into a room and says…


I thought I’d asked this before, but if I did, I can’t find the answer.

A dog barks, and, if it speaks English, probably says woof-woof or bow-wow.

A cat meows, and, if it speaks English, usually says meow.

Roosters crow and say cock-a-doodle-doo.

An elephant trumpets…what does it say?

The researcher in me also wants to know how some animal sounds became common – everyone knows what a cat says – while other common animals still struggle to make their voices heard. Ahem.

UPDATE (31 Aug 2008): Check out a most fantastic pile of animal audio here. The laughing kookaburras? Oh everyone should start their days like that: gather your friends for a chat, then launch into a laughter song to stake out your territory. Whee.


P.S. The big word for all of this is onomatopoeia, a delightful word which shares roots with the word poem. If you know that word and searched also for elephant, you probably landed on Molly Chicken’s terrific craft-oriented blog. Definitely snuffle around her site, but oh no not if you love (Japanese) crafts or if you’re in a hurry or if you really really really need to be doing something else: to paraphrase that commercial, you can’t read just one post and then get back to what you were doing.

Magic Penny

Ooh this is fun, especially on a hot day.

Find an empty glass bottle, and place a penny on the opening of the bottle.



If, after 30 seconds or so, nothing particularly eventful happens, move to the next step.

Put that bottle – minus the penny – in your freezer for a few hours.

When you’re ready, take the bottle out of the freezer, quickly place that penny on the mouth of the bottle, and immediately wrap your hands around the bottle.

Now what happens?

Kindly go ask your favorite science teacher to explain, because I can’t figure it out.

The Traveling Toddlers

Do you love to travel? Yes?

Do you love to travel with your babies, toddlers and kids? Eh, probably not.

I do understand.

But take a moment and follow me over to Seattle-based Debbie’s site, Delicious Baby, where you’ll find gallons of tips for traveling with little ones.

Whether you’re worried about timezones and feeding schedules, or whether you’re wondering how to keep your 5-year-old in his seat until the pilot permits dancing in the aisles again, either Debbie or another experienced reader is likely to have an idea for you.

You’ll also find many city guides listing all that kid-friendly information many guidebooks forget to include. Should you land in a city Debbie hasn’t gotten to, she happily allows you to supply the info. Tokyo is not on the list. Be the first!

Here, this is the link on flying with little ones.

Bookmark the site, because you’ll want to return for more ideas over the next few years.

Wave at me when you see me at the airport, and do please introduce me to your little one, okay?

Sandwich Shapes

Sandwiches cut into triangles?

Sandwiches cut into rectangles?

I tried to convince my nephew that triangle sandwiches taste better than rectangle sandwiches, but he did not want to find out whether I was right.

Aside from what my nephew thinks (and he’s probably right, it doesn’t matter), can someone help me figure out where I got this moderately ridiculous idea from?

While we’re at it, why are most fancy sandwiches cut into triangles? Heart shapes are no good?

Gooey-less Brownies

I thought the whole point of brownies was to have a gooey middle.

I’ve recently been informed that not everyone likes gooey middles (and I don’t mean tummies).

Look at this design. The design of this pan bakes the batter more evenly and creates crusts where goo would ordinarily be. It is so simple and obvious, you kinda hafta wonder why it took so long to come up with the idea.

Still, I like gooey middles, so I’ll stick to my regular square pans, thank you.

But oh please please do give me a call and invite me over if you’ve made brownies in one of these edge thingy pans. I’ll be happy to demonstrate that I like this style of brownie, too.

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