Since we’re on this whole -a-palooza theme, going on right now in Chicago is Kidzapalooza. Happily already planned for next year in the Los Angeles area is the same thing with a whole ‘nuther fun lineup of artists. Mark your calendars!

What is Kidzapalooza? It calls itself “the family friendly section of the Lollapalooza Festival“. This is the perfectly sensible Kidzapalooza mission:

To expose children to messages of kindness, happiness, respect and self-discovery through a concert/festival that their parents are not only comfortable with, but will enjoy as much as their kidz.

I’m nowhere near Chicago’s Grant Park right now, but if you can find Tor Hyams and Perry Farrell, give them a great big hug of thanks just for the idea alone.

Then go write your favorite congressperson, and demand a bill requiring all politicians to hang out at the next Kidzapalooza. Come on, agree with me: politicians need messages of kindness and happiness, too.


7 Responses

  1. I met Tor once and thought he was pretty cool. We’re not going to Kidzapalooza, but we will be returning to Austin Kiddie Limits this year!

  2. @Gwyneth: Oh I’m so jealous of your girls! Have much fun, and I’ll look for a report on your blog when you return! Anyone else going? It’s September 26-28 this year in, well, Austin. Texas, that is.

  3. Thanks for these words…you can hug me anytime!

  4. @Tor: Oooooh, from the man himself! I get to hug Tor! Need to find him first! Whee!

  5. So, today I gave Tor a hug for you — just wanted to let you know :)

  6. […] Well, okay, not really, but close enough: GBK Gwyneth and her girls are traipsing all over Austin Kiddie Limits this weekend, and she found and hugged festival organizer Tor Hyams for me! […]

  7. […] Dream Jam Band Posted on February 25, 2009 by E.W. Spider Los Angeles Kidzapalooza 2009 is not until June – ohhhh the agony of waiting! – which means all I can do for now is watch a video […]


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