I’m Luke and I’m 5 and my dad’s Bruce Lee.

Enormously huggable little video here.

(Heads up: The youtube versions have non-kid-friendly annotations, so show your kids the original via the link I have here.)


It’s about 5-year-old Luke hanging out with his dad on the JCB (big yellow construction digging machines).

You probably know someone exactly like this kid.

You probably know someone exactly like his father.

I discovered this video on Daddy Types (he of the first-known knit iphone, which I’d seen a while ago) and naturally am now finding gallons of links to it elsewhere (one of the first here on WordPress.com).

I’ve since learned that the song was a number one hit in the UK and Ireland a few years ago, and the song is in part about the songwriter’s own experiences with dyslexia and bullies at school.

Watch the video. Then, if you haven’t already, scoot over to the JCB Song website for a fun snuffle around (doodle on the notebook with that pencil!).

Also snuffle around Daddy Types- The Weblog for New Dads – he drools over neat kids’ stuff just like I do while simultaneously paying careful attention to what’s going on in the big people’s world.


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