Cadbury Eyebrow Dance

I think my mom could do this……

A clearer version can be found on A Glass and a Half Full Productions’s page, but it took a while to load for me.

You’ve visited Cadbury’s site, right?

(日本語で/in Japanese here!)

Bobby McFerrin’s Baby

A friend is waiting for his wife to give birth any minute now. To pass the time, he asked for a ‘baby song of the day’, and I suggested Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Baby’.

I’ve adored this song for years. I’m finally learning the *real* lyrics, and now I adore it even more.

You don’t own a copy of Medicine Music? Start clicking.


baby runnin’ everywhere,
baby runnin’ here and there,
baby lookin’ what we do,
baby watchin’ want to do it too.

baby listenin’ what we say,
baby walkin’, talkin’ want to play,
playin’, growin’, you an me to be,
have you thought of what you’re makin’ baby up to be.

mama treat your baby tenderly,
papa bounce your baby on your knee,
tell you baby stories, play your baby games,
teach your baby, sharin’ makin’ love your aim.

what we gonna leave our babies when we leave this place,
how we gonna help our babies take our place,
’cause baby lookin’ what we do,
baby watchin’ want to do it too.

(By Bobby McFerrin; ©ProbNoblem Music/BMI)

(日本語で/in Japanese here!)


My high school track coach soon realized I had trouble with the 2 main aspects of jumping hurdles.

Apparently you’re not supposed to stop at each hurdle, wonder how to jump over it, stumble over it, then take off running again.

If your kids are better than I am at multitasking during sports, you really should have them join your local bossaball team.

Bossaball is much more than multitasking, however. It’s combining capoeira, soccer, volleyball and trampoline jumping to look like the enormously graceful-looking sport you’ll see below.


I’m off to convince my boss we need do bossaball with the little ones at the next spring picnic.

Vid thanks.

A loaf of bread, a carton of milk and a stick of butter

The original is huggable. The remake is hysterical.

Enormous thanks as always.

Capoeira…for kids!

I visited a capoeira class once a few years ago, and I regret not staying with it.

In my next life, I’m going to study capoeira from the minute I learn how to walk.

Please, do me a big favor and find a capoeira class for kids and adults near you. Sign up for 2 lessons. Just 2 lessons. Just to see what it’s like.

Then call me in a few weeks to gush about how terrifically addicted you are to capoeira.

Thanks to Little Animation 4 Kids. Happy site!

Water Music

Old boomboxes were cool.

Old boomboxes were great for crowds.

Old boomboxes couldn’t fit in your hand.

Old boomboxes had replaceable batteries.

Old boomboxes were difficult to misplace.

Old boomboxes were never mistakenly left in a shirt pocket or a pants pocket.

Old boomboxes were never ever mistakenly washed in the washing machine.


So very not waterproof.



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