Chocolate Cake – the skit

Do you use skits in class?

Skits are absolutely terrific for kids of all ages, because they’re bite sized, they’re often funny, and they’re finished before anyone has time to yawn.

This Chocolate Cake skit is one of my favorites, although I have no idea now where it came from. I’ve used it many times with students in 4th grade and up.

You can use it as a drama class activity or simply as a fun five-minute filler activity between projects or at the end of the day.

It’s a flexible skit, so you can change the roles (add a doctor), many groups can perform the same skit, and if students don’t like chocolate cake (gasp!), substitute another food. Try jumbo blueberry muffins.

Just a gentle warning: it is a very very emotional little skit.

You need:

  • at least 2 people
  • the script

What you do:

1) Assign parts. Adjust the text (add/delete) if you have more/fewer people.

2) Allow about 5 minutes for rehearsal. The results needn’t be perfect; this isn’t opening night on Broadway.

3) Present the skit.

4) The audience will clap clap clap at the end.

5) Either the same group or a new group repeats the skit exactly as written, but this time the actors are very very happy.

6) Repeat, but this time all the actors are very very sad.

7) Repeat, but this time all the actors are very very cold? hot? sleepy? excited?

Stop after maybe 3 or 4 performances while the interest level is still high. There are so many emotions, you can always pull this out again a few weeks later. Or write another skit!


The Chocolate Cake

Kid:       Hi, mom, what’s that?
Mom:    It’s chocolate cake.
Kid:       Yummy!  Can I have some?
Mom:     Sure!  Here.
Kid:        Yum, this is delicious cake!
(Kid suddenly falls down, holding stomach.)
Oh, I don’t feel well!
Dad:        Are you okay?  What happened?  Oh no!
Mom and Dad:    Let’s go to the hospital right away!

2 Responses

  1. ok this is very short yet it’s to the point

  2. it has no sence and too short


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