A whole bunch of chocolate fondue links on one page

img_ani_matterhorn_loPack up your Toblerone bar and trot with me over to Brenda’s fondue page.

This is Brenda’s chocolate fondue recipe: Unwrap that Toblerone bar, melt it with some whip cream, and yippee yay your chocolate fondue is ready for dipping. Immensely easy!

(If that’s just too much work for you, go find the fondue pots by Anysetiers. Microwave the chocolate that’s already in the pot.)

You’ll also have links to videos, utensils, more fondue recipes, and almost everything else you might want for the moment you need a chocolate fondue.

The only thing missing is a happy collection of children’s Valentine’s Day songs (start with Skidamarink…and then? Gooney Bird Kids, help, please!).

Brenda, big big big thanks! An incredible page!

(日本語で/in Japanese here!)

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