Chairs, Trains and Vocabulary Words

This is a great flash card activity for kids who are allergic to sitting still in their chairs.

1. Line up the students. The more students you have, the funnier this will be.

2. Start a *slow* choo-choo train jog around the room. Conga lines are optional.

3. Call on a student to say a target vocabulary word.

4. If the student answers correctly, the student may sprint madly to the front of the train – which never stops moving slowly around the room.

Tips and variations:

a) Only call on the last student in line.

b) Have the students sit in small chairs. The called-on student must pick up her chair and scoot to the front of the train, which is technically standing still at the station (but slowly pulling out).

c) Go outside and spread the students out in a long line. Again, the more students you have, the more entertaining this is.

d) Make sure the moving student has safely reached the front of the line before calling on the next student.

e) The adult teacher really ought to participate, too! Get in line and choose some students to call out the cards.

f) Track and field, soccer and basketball coaches? Yes, your athletes can do this, too!


(日本語で/in Japanese here!)

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