Shower Curtain Study Sessions

Take an old white shower curtain (clean, please, not the icky grungy one you decided to throw away this morning) or plastic table cloth.

Write the alphabet scattered all over one side in upper case letters.

On the other side, write the alphabet scattered all over in lower case letters.

(Write BIG! Write 2-3 sets of the alphabet!)

Lay the shower curtain on the floor and encourage students to sit, lie, crawl, fly, hop, slither across the curtain. (No shoes, maybe?)

Now you and your students can:

1) Play karuta.

2) Match upper case flash card letters to the upper case or lower case letter.

Spell students’ names by hopping from one letter to the next.

4) Spell words by fingertracing lines from one letter to the next.

Practice writing by tracing letters with fingers.

6) Substitute colored circles for the letters to practice colors with younger learners. Vary the circle sizes. Try different shapes!

Use colored circles and write a letter in each circle. “Find the green T, please!”

What else can you do?

If your older learners take long showers or baths, invest in one of these test prep shower curtains.

Awesome book.

(日本語で/in Japanese here!)

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