Reusable Worksheets

Like most teachers, I almost always have extra copies of worksheets left over after a unit is finished.

Like most teachers, I send these extra copies to the old paper pile so that students can either do the worksheet or use the blank side for artistic inclinations.

But what about activity books that have a few pages filled in here and there? We can’t give those books to new students, but it’s a waste to just let the books sit unused on the shelves.

Easy solution: photocopy the usable pages and laminate them.

What do you have now?

You have re-usable worksheets. Find your whiteboard markers and erasers and kindly add to my list of paper-saving review activities you can do.

  • Students can do extra writing practice.
  • In pairs, students can try to solve problems and then retry later to solve the problem in their own textbooks.
  • Students can do spelling practice.
  • Tracing letters suddenly becomse much more interesting.
  • The teacher can easily demonstrate how to complete a page.

When each activity is complete, simply erase the markings and move on to another pile of excitement.

File this tip under Wow, so easy!

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