Soy-Doh Soy-Doh Soy-Doh

Cool kids with no wheat allergies play with Play-Doh.

soy-dohYour little and big friends with wheat allergies can be just as cool…no, cooler.

Much much cooler.

Pop open a can of gluten-free Soy-Doh!


Soy-Doh is an alternative to Play-Doh, it contains no wheat, and it has a nose-friendly smell (12 smells, to be exact).

Order here (discounts are available). Four containers is the minimum, but do support the economy if you can: buy one of each and invite the neighbors over. Let the squishing and smooshing and shaping begin!

Mildly concerned parents: it’s okay to nibble at Soy-Doh, and, no, your little ones won’t stumble around as if they’d just left the pub.

Thanks, Devon, for the hat tip!

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