OnBeing Gio

Tell me: how was life when you turned 6 and 7?

Listen to Gio Escalante’s story. Even if you can’t catch every word he says, you’ll soon remember that most 7-year-olds have plenty to say about life.

Video journalist Jennifer Crandall interviewed ordinary people in the Washington, DC area, because, as she wrote, “we should get to know one another a little better.”

So cool.

Your homework assignment: find a microphone and a camera. Interview people. You’ll love the experience.

So cool!

Huge thanks to KrisKimble for uploading some of them, because I’d been looking for Gio. You’ll find the OnBeing archives at the Washington Post online. (If the site asks you to sign up to view the vids, it’s really okay: the Washington Post has never once emailed me about anything.)

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