Obama Sushi

I used to horrify my co-workers by using brown rice whenever I made sushi. Eventually I was thoroughly embarrassed and I stopped making sushi. No, I can’t make fancy character o-bentos (kyaraben – new to you? google it!).

Clap clap clap to Chef  Kawazumi, who created Obama sushi.


Melanie just sent me that photo of Obama sushi (thank you!), I roared with giggles, and then I found tons of people who have already played around with politician-inspired food (did you get to eat one of the Obama cupcakes?). How did I miss this? I don’t remember previous politicians exciting chefs everywhere, do you?

The Obama sushi isn’t vegetarian, mind you, and I’m not aware yet of a vegetarian sushi chef who has attempted the same. I do suspect this will happen soon, though. I have hope.

If eggs are a part of your diet, try making the smiley faces.


The final platter looks like this.


Practice your Japanese by reading the sushi-making explanation in Japanese, or practice your English by reading the sushi-making explanation in English. (Koichi, who maintains Tofugu, has gallons of other entertaining stuff on that site, such as his language lesson vids. Snuffle around!)


I think I’ll just have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch tomorrow.

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