Mercer Mayer’s Alligator

I read Mercer Mayer’s There’s an Alligator Under My Bed every chance I can.


Well, yes, I also read it to my students every chance I can.

It’s a great book!

Discussing fears? Read TAUMB.

Discussing foods? Read TAUMB.

Discussing rooms in a house? Read TAUMB.

Discussing alligators? Read TAUMB.

Discussing red pajamas? Read TAUMB.

Discussing jumping on a bed? Read…oh wait, that’s Five Little Monkeys.

I’d forgotten that Mercer Mayer has his own youtube channel! Go grab your copy of TAUMB so that you can read along with him!

2 Responses

  1. This was SOOO helpful for us. Recently the previously safe bedroom has suddenly come to contain many things that “look scary” in the dark. Also, having lived in New Orleans this past year, alligators live large in the mind. In fact, there was the concern that they might attack us right here in Kyoto! Happily, the only real wild animals are monkeys and little brothers…. The book was a bit dear from Amazon, so we watched your fabulous video link. Mom was amazed to see Mercer Mayer, whom she has loved forever, was VERY funny, especially with that alligator puppet at the end…. Thanks for a GREAT mom/daughter five minutes in the morning!

    • @Sarah: Aww I’m glad it helped! Until I saw the video, I had never thought to wonder what Mercer Mayer even looked like. He’s terrific, isn’t he? Hug the little ones for me!


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