Coraline Jones wishes for a better world.

Be careful what you wish for, the saying cautions.

Mama Lisa read the book and saw the movie, she liked both, and she recommends watching the movie in a theater, if you can.

Roger Ebert doesn’t recommend it for toddlers, and from reading his description, I agree.

I do think it would be terrific for older kids mature enough to handle the story’s message.

As with all these sorts of entertainment, you the smart and sensible adult should decide what you want your kids to see.

The movie isn’t scheduled for release in Japan. Eh phooey, but yippee, I can get Neil Gaiman’s book.

Watch the youtube trailer below. If you like it, you really ought to find a large computer monitor and check out the much clearer version on the movie’s homepage (use your cursor to move around the homepage scene). It’s beautiful as is, but if you have your 3D glasses available, put them on.

They Might Be Giants wrote songs for the movie, but in the end most of these songs were too cheerful for the movie and had to be cut. Look for the cut songs on future TMBG projects. Too cheerful. Imagine that.

Big thanks to Mama Lisa! (It’s been much too long since I last visited!)

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