Giant Soap Bubbles

We have cool wet weather. We have a terrific big park nearby. We have a whole bunch of restless kids who have just finished their academic school year.

The only sensible thing to do right now is round up the kids, go to the park early in the morning and blow really big bubbles.

It’s as calming as a tai chi routine, but here laughing is highly encouraged.

How can you be grumpy when you start your day blowing bubbles?


Giant Soap Bubbles

1) The hardest part. Bend a wire coat hanger into a loop (probably a job for your grown-up assistant).

2) Mix ½ cup Joy or Dawn liquid detergent (these brands work best) with 5 cups cold, clear tap water. Measure carefully, it makes a big difference. Stir. Pour the mixture into a large frying pan.

3) Add two tablespoons glycerine if you have any (comes from the pharmacy). It tends to make more durable bubbles. Now dip your coat-hanger loop in the solution, then wave it in the air.

4) Big-time bubble making is a bit like fishing. You’ll have much better luck in cool wet weather. Early evening, nighttime, and early mornings are often good. Just after a rain is ideal. Don’t throw any leftovers away either. The longer your solution sits, the better it gets.


This comes straight from Kids Cooking: A very slightly messy manual by the editors of Klutz Press. This cookbook isn’t entirely vegetarian, but it is entirely fun for older kids (3-year-olds might choke on the measuring spoons), so borrow it from your library. If you like, buy and share.

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