Silent Ball

Dodgeball ruined my students: they don’t know how to *gently* throw a ball anymore.

For a five-minute filler, I’m going to introduce Silent Ball. This game requires cooperating and being quiet for a few minutes. How have I not heard of this game before??

You need:

  • 1-3 beanbags or balls
  • 5-10 minutes
  • students willing to sit on their desks/tables

Students throw the balls to each other *silently*. No talking allowed.

If you talk or whisper, you’re out and you have to sit like a normal person in your chair.

You’re also out if:

  • you miss a gentle throw
  • you throw the ball roughly
  • you throw the ball back to the person who just threw it to you (except when only 2 people are left)
  • you don’t make eye contact when you throw or when you catch
  • you throw the ball overhand
  • a few more rules
  • more rules than that
  • a whole bunch more rules

The number of throwing students will drop as more students are out.

Eventually only one person is left on a desk: winner! (Silent cheers only, please.)

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