Bubbles and Body Parts

I’ve been looking through our piles of activities for our students and I liked this one for 4- and 5-year-olds.

The focus is on body parts. The Distractor Factor is naming body parts to pop bubbles.

Bubbles! What’s not to like?


a) First, pop the air around you with the body parts. “Pop pop pop with your TOE!” “Pop pop pop with your ELBOW!” “Pop pop pop with your SHOULDER!” Or come up with some other catchy phrase.

b) Say the word “pop” as often as you can to start getting the point across.

c) I’m not sure why, but popping with your toe seems to be the clearest gesture, so sit down and start with that. Otherwise it looks like you’re just doing a funky disco platypus dance completely out of context.

d) Do not mention or show bubbles while you’re doing this.

e) All this prep work will probably vanish into thin air as soon as you bring out the bubbles, yes, but you know you can’t really slip in anything educational anyway when there are bubbles that need to be popped.

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