Centraal Station Antwerpen op zoek naar Maria

Well now, I completely agree: if you’re going to do a casting call for a new Maria, don’t place a tiny ad in a small newspaper where only newspaper-reading people will find it.

No no no, you properly round up about 200 happy dancing people, find a nice large open space – a train station will do – and pick the busiest time of day to sing Do Re Mi.

Just to let the dancing world know you’re looking, right?

Dank je!

Please, you must find a reason to dance just for fun in public, even if it makes you late for work/school. Put it on your Things To Do list.

(Oh wow: that Central Train station in Antwerp is just so ridiculously cool! Thanks!)


Watch the making of. It’s in Dutch, but you’ll be fine. (TV headquarters. More Dutch.)

One Response

  1. […] trying to figure out which Japanese train station has enough space so that we can do this big crowd dancing, too. […]


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