Shiny Search

UPDATE (May 11, 2009): Want to uninstall Shiny Search? Follow the directions in the comment posted by Dragon Blogger on March 4, 2009 (the “how to remove” question was asked in the comment right before).


Normally I love the simple clean look of Google. I have enough clutter on my desk, I don’t want more stuff on my search engines.

But just like the teenager who likes to spend an afternoon putting together new outfits, sometimes I want to dress things up and change things around a bit.

Shiny Search has a whole bunch of backgrounds you can choose from and then set as your new custom search homepage. Some backgrounds are busy, and some are nice and simple. Seriously, try it, because the searches really work!

From this….

shiny-search…to this!


Now where are the spiders and turtles?

Bored? Try another! (Smart computer people: you’d make your own, right?)

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