That spider is everywhere!

Carly Simon sings a version of Coming Around Again that includes a very mellow Itsy Bitsy Spider (you knew?).

Greg and Steve include an upbeat Itsy Bitsy Spider in their Mack Chicken Dance medley (you knew?).

Ralph’s World sings a philosophical – and highly entertaining – version of Itsy Bitsy Spider (you knew?).

Black Rattle calls itself America’s premier heavy metal children’s band and, well, sings a heavy metal version of Itsy Bitsy Spider (you knew?).

Super Simple Songs has the absolute most bestest and coolest version of Eensey Weensey Spider (of course you knew).

There are many many many more versions out there.

Any guesses on why Itsy Bitsy Spider is used so much? Is it the most popular of the nursery rhymes?

I wonder why.

P.S. Today’s is Duke Ellington’s birthday. Did he have a version of Itsy Bitsy Spider? I’ll bet he did!

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