Wash Wash Wash Your Hands

I only sing the alphabet in class and when I’m looking up words in a dictionary.

wash-handsYour young ones can sing the alphabet while washing their hands. The twenty seconds it takes to sing is about the amount of time you need to give hands a good scrubbing.

No no no, you can’t simply flap your hands under the water for half a second and hope that’s okay.

That’s not okay.

What?  You would feel funny humming the alphabet every time you washed your hands? Fair enough.

Rummage through your favorite music and poetry and come up with your own 20 seconds. NPR suggests Ray Charles’ Hit the Road, Jack and the guitar riff from Derek and the Dominos’ Layla (hey that piano solo bit at the end works well, too).

I’ll suggest the first verse of Go Away, Big Green Monster and Uh-huh (use the intro to get your toothbrush ready).

I need more songs. Share, please.

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