It’s time to go!

No no no, I’m not going anywhere.

I’m talking about your students. When class is over and it’s time to go, how do you dismiss your students?

I have small classes and often dismiss my students one at a time. If you have large classes, choose a teacher’s helper from each row or group to help you get through all the students.

a) I sometimes dismiss my students by spelling their names out loud. As soon as a student recognizes her name, she either raises her hand or calls out, “That’s me!” and she’s allowed to leave.

An easy variation: spell any of the vocabulary used in class. Students have to recognize the word by listening carefully.

b) Sometimes the students line up at the door, I show a flash card to the first person in line, and the student must say the word or phrase in order to leave. If she can’t, she moves to the back of the line and tries again when it’s her turn.

c) Some students are still practicing letter recognition: they must quickly spell the word I show them.

d) Gesture that word is always entertaining.

e) Switch roles: the student becomes the teacher, and you have to spell words. When you make a mistake, the student corrects you and then is allowed to leave.

f) A less panic-inducing option is to play Rock Scissors Paper with each student: If the student wins, she’s allowed to leave. If I win, the student moves to the back of the line. Other times, I exclude myself and have the whole class play Rock Scissors Paper to decide who leaves first.

g) My older students won’t admit that they’ve been listening to the music I quietly play in the background, but when I play 10 seconds of a tune, the first student who can name it (or even sing some of it) gets to leave.

Thanks, Jeremy, for these ideas!

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