TwisterMaybe you know the popular party game Twister? A spinner tells you to put one of four body parts on one of four colored circles on a mat. You can’t move that body part until the spinner tells you to, and if you fall down, you’re out.

Bring the game into your classroom! Giant Twister! But no mat and no spinner needed!

1) Have the students spread out around the room.

2) Call out “right hand!” and “red!”. Students touch something red with their right hands.

3) Call out “left foot!” and “yellow!”. Students touch something yellow with their left feet.

4) Continue with “left hand”, “right food” and other combinations you can think of.


Tips and variations

a) Call out shapes or letters instead of colors.

b) It’s easiest for younger students to run around and touch items. With older students, body parts cannot move from a touched item until it is called again (the same as in the original game).

c) Encourage students to be the teacher and call out body part/color combinations.

d) Start with all the classroom-friendly body parts you can think of. The activity becomes a greater challenge when you limit it to 3 or 4 body parts, which you use over and over.

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