Yarn, Sandpaper and the ABCs

Have you tried this ABCs activity with your younger learners yet?

Find a few pieces of yarn and a nice big square of sandpaper. Try to find yarn that is in different lengths.

Drop the yarn on the sandpaper and turn the sandpaper upside down.

See how the yarn sticks to the sandpaper?

Are you now realizing the possibilities? With the yarn,

  • some learners can make the ABCs.
  • some learners can make shapes.
  • some learners will simply and happily love the “stickiness” of the sandpaper; they will want to constantly rip the yarn off, put it back on, rip it off….

When you’re finished, tuck everything into a plastic resealable bag and put it away for another day. Or leave it out for other younger ones to play with.

(Big thanks to Trish Kuffner for the original activity!)

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