ABC Countdown to Summer

Hey, Teachers, even if you’re in denial about the end of August coming up (you know, all that after summer break stuff called school…), a few of your brain cells are probably snuffling through your list of nifty things to do.

The ABC Countdown to Summer is definitely a nifty thing to do!

1. Find a calendar and count back 26 days from the last day of school.

2. From A to Z, assign each day a letter of the alphabet. Z is on the last day of school.

3. Now, think of a fun activity for each day, each activity starting with that day’s letter. Older kids can help you think.

Confused? Okay, here are some examples:

A Art day—create a special art project in class

B Buddy reading—bring a book to read with a friend

C Career day—dress or bring props to show a job you may enjoy

D Donut day—we will enjoy donuts

E Experiment day—experiment with science

F Favorite book day—bring a favorite book

G Game day—your teacher will teach a new math game

H Hat day—wear a hat today

See how that might go? (Read the rest of these ABC Countdown suggestions.)

Works for all ages!

Off you go!

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