15 Responses

  1. That is hilarious…hmmmm… and inspriring! :)


  2. Ha Ha loved it. Maybe I should dress my wife as a pillow person for entertainment next time there’s nothing worth watching on TV

  3. Ah, very nice idea. Simple yet creative.

  4. that was great! lol

  5. Ha! That was too funny! Great and cheap idea! :-)

  6. You read my mind, Pillow People….Of Course! And I will take this opportunity to offer a 10% discount to anyone who buys a pillow from us, Naturally Organic Sleep.
    After Halloween you can even re-use as an essential rest for those precious brains!
    Type in Word Press during check out. Trick or Treat!

  7. im as actor on stage on my country Indonesia, this is pure idea, n i blink to see this idea, amazing, brovo bud!

  8. very funny idea!

  9. Quite funny if I do say so myself…!

  10. Muito legal! Ficou show de bola! Parabéns!

  11. Wow, that is awesome. I still had no idea for this year costume, so really thank you!!

  12. HAHA! LOVED IT! So rite on out highlarious!!!!!

  13. AWESOME, funny and cheap and great idea!!!


  14. aha-ha! ROFL! is it possible to see anything in such a costume? by the way, it could be a good costume for you to open a door to kids. lol! they would be very happy to see you and i think they would even forgot to day “trick or treat”. happy halloween everyone!!

  15. Ha! That’s so random! Great idea, just wish I’d thought of it ;)


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