Jazz Hands!

One of our favorite gestures is called jazz hands.

Jazz hands? Not quite sure what jazz hands are?

You spread your fingers and hands open wide and out to the side, and then you…well, wait a minute. This little one can show you faster than I can explain it.

(Can’t believe how quickly this video became popular!)

Chocolate Fountain

I was shopping for Christmas decorations today when I noticed the stores had already set up Valentine’s Day items. Are there really people out there who can plan so far in advance??


But now I don’t want a tiny little pot for a chocolate fondue.

I want a chocolate fountain. Up to 2 Kg of chocolate? Oh yes please.

K is for Kermit

We’re on the Letter K for our ABC Countdown. We called this week “Kite Week”, but I think we should have called it “Kermit Week”.

Oh I love The Frog.

Pointy fingers!

Teachers’ hearts

Dedicated to the terrific group I have the amazing opportunity to work with:

Your heart is slightly bigger than the average human heart, but that’s because you’re a teacher.

–author uncertain

Replace “teacher” with “parent” and read the quotation again, please.

Thank you!

What I’m Thankful For (2009)

All of last year’s list plus

…green M&Ms
…books (kindle!)
…my apartment
…early mornings
…blueberry muffins
…happy and healthy kids
…having a job, especially one I am still excited to have

Do I have to stop? There is so much more….! Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s not Christmas until…

…the radio plays Last Christmas – the original Wham! version, thank you, not those other copies (and *who* are the other famous artists in that video??).

…the radio plays Feliz Navidad (song info over at Mama Lisa’s).

…someone reminds me how to say Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.

When does the Christmas season start for you?


P.S. Happy birthday, N-chan!

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