Dhamma Kidz

I was joking a few weeks ago when I told an acquaintance that Super Simple Learning should create an album of Super Simple Buddhist Songs for young learners.

Haha, we laughed, wouldn’t that be funny?

Yeah but hold on a sec!

Have you ever heard of D-Kidz? New to me!

D-Kidz (the D stands for Dhamma – sometimes spelled Dharma)  is a website devoted to teaching Dhamma to children in a “fun, interactive and simple way” and to “develop a culture of singing Buddhist songs amongst the younger generation of Buddhists”.


Want to hear some chants? Yes, you do!

Click on the image below, find the matching image on the other page, then click on one of the numbers and the play button. Then sing along! (My recommendation: Number 3 Tisarana, the Three Refuges.)

Come with me. I’m not laughing anymore. We’ll explore this site together, ok?

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