Eatphabet by Luiza Prado

I love it when adults play with their food!

This alphabet … no no no … eatphabet … is great!

Now I’m hoping that you will be the creative one who can make a 100% vegetarian version.

You’ll try, won’t you? Take pictures and share!

Letter details and background information!

What is Annie doing? Misheard lyrics

My first graders and I were catching our breath after “Walking Walking“.

One boy suddenly remembered that popular Michael Jackson song he’d just learned from the movie, and he began to sing.

You know which song I mean, don’t you?

Sing along!

Annie are you walking

Are you walking

Are you walking, Annie?


Should I tell him…?

Okay, I won’t.

Who Says Woof?

Okay, yes, you probably already have a bazillion animal sounds books on your shelves.

Please, run to your library to borrow a copy of John Butler‘s Who Says Woof?

I observed a Baby Sign class today, and the teacher read this book to help teach some signs. The babies loved it! Their moms loved it! I loved it!

Now we all know the sign for dog, and we all want to hug that baby mouse.

Finished reading? Read it to everyone you can find (and teach them the signs).

Then call your friendly farmer: when may you visit to see the new baby animals on the farm?

Thanks, Noriko!


P.S. Word Nerds:

a) You’re probably fussing uncontrollably over the use of who instead of what in the book’s title, aren’t you? *sigh*

b) Quick: what is a baby mouse called?

Find that blob! Name that letter!

While I was cleaning up, one of my playful 5th graders put little blobs of clay on some of the alphabet cards hanging on the wall.

She told me to find the blobs of clay and I had to name the letter on those cards.

Blobs? What blobs? I didn’t see any blobs!

Wait…! There’s one! On the upper case B! And there’s another blob on the lower case e!

Another blob? Let’s find it!

Oooooh…I suddenly have a whole new nifty way to review flash cards with my classes tomorrow! I can also stick little blobs of clay on items around the room and have students name those items!


I can also stop using so many exclamation marks in one blog post! (Count them! How many?)

Magic fingers and a ping pong ball

Find your favorite Unsuspecting Adult (UA).

Announce that you have recently discovered your magical fingers.

Majestically pull a regular pingpong ball from your pocket, and allow your UA to inspect it carefully.

Put the pingpong ball on a flat level surface, then look at it expectantly.

Encourage your UA to do the same.

Nothing happens?

Ah, you forgot the wiggly fingers part!

Wiggle your fingers back and forth over the ball. Repeat a few times, then watch as the ball gently rolls away.

The first secret?

Your UA will pay attention to your wiggling fingers. While that is happening, you gently blow on the pingpong ball until it rolls away.

The second secret?

Put the ball back in your pocket and trot off before your UA says, “Now make the ball roll back.”

A few more games to play with a ball.

Sony Walkman – Bring it back

Those fashion people out there are saying that the ’80s are making a comeback.

Big hair, wide shoulders, and bright neon colors are coming back?

This is good?

Oh but wait, if we’re going back to the ’80s, then what about the Sony Walkmans?

Ooooh, are they retro yet? Make them do a comeback!

Awwww. They’re mini boomboxes!

Lots more!

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